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 Hatteras Lighthouse Cremation Urn

Features a high-resolution image of the historic Hatteras lighthouse. This urn is crafted from top quality materials which has a durable high-gloss finish and can be proudly displayed anywhere in the home. This is only one of our Beach and Ocean Themed urns. Also it offers a Nautical Theme.

This iconic lighthouse located on the outer banks is a symbol of North Carolina. This lighthouse saved thousands of sailors from the treacherous waters off the mid Atlantic coast.  

This image was taken at the lighthouse on Thanksgiving Day 2018 and  we then developed the image onto this majestic cremation urn.

The keepsake's photo resolution is in keeping with the outstanding quality of the adult size. Resolution and quality can often be lost in duplicating keepsakes, but not in this case.


    • Dimensions:      10.3" x 6.1"
    • Capacity:           200 Cubic Inches
    • Engravable:       No


    • Dimensions:      3"x1.75"
    • Capacity:           3 Cubic Inches
    • Engravable:       No

     This Cremation Urn Offered by Quality Urns for Less