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Happy Hummingbird, Cremation Urn

This is a cremation urn for and adult. It is metal and stands about 11" high with a diameter of about 6.5".  It has a screw on top for placing the ashes in it then it securely seals. Depicted is a beautiful Hummingbird feeding near beautiful pink flowers. A great urn for a women who loved nature, birds or specifically the elusive hummingbird.  Keepsake also available.

Adult :

  • Dimensions:      10.3" x 6.1" 
  • Capacity:           200 Cubic Inches
  • Keepsake:         Yes
  • Engravable:       No
  • Dimensions:      3" x 1.75"
  • Capacity:           3 Cubic Inches
  • Engravable:       No