Old Glory , Cremation Urn

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Old Glory, Cremation Urn 

This beautiful urn is a stunning symbol of American Spirit and for those who served to defend our freedom. A fitting tribute to both servicemen and women and for any true American. We dedicate this urn to those that have paid the ultimate price to protect our country and the things we hold dear. 

Also for the rest of us that love this country.

Featuring a high-resolution image of  the waving American flag which surrounds the whole urn .  Unlike many urns the image is also on the top!

This urn is crafted from top quality materials which has a durable high-gloss finish. This urn can be proudly displayed anywhere in the home.

The keepsake's photo resolution is in keeping with the outstanding quality of the adult size. Resolution and quality can often be lost in duplicating keepsakes but not in this case.


  • Dimensions:    10.3" x 6.1"
  • Capacity:         200 Cubic Inches
  • Keepsake:        Yes
  • Engravable:      No


  • Dimensions:      3" x 1.75"
  • Capacity:           3 Cubic Inches
  • Engravable:       No